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Donation from the Heart

At Holistic Breeze, our mission is to share the transformative power of healing modalities, including hypnotherapy and breathwork, with the world. We believe that these practices can contribute to the healing of society one person at a time. These sessions are designed to help individuals heal core wounds, and rekindle their spirits with renewed vigor and ambition. While we typically charge a standard rate, we understand that for some, the cost may be prohibitive due to their current circumstances.

It is important to note that the pricing structure for these sessions is geared toward clients who recognize the significance of deep transformation and are willing to invest in this profound developmental process. However, we also understand that not everyone can afford the full cost or may feel uncertain at this stage. In line with our mission to expand the collective consciousness and raise awareness towards these amazing modalities, in order to create a brighter future, we have introduced a donation-based payment option.

Below, you'll find a donation form where you can express your gratitude for the session based on your genuine emotions. We kindly ask you to consider sharing a sincere video review with us at, which may be featured on our platform. By doing so, you help us in spreading our vision of natural healing modalities to the broader world, and together, we can continue to make a positive impact.


Thank you for your donation

My Gift To You, Brave One

Awaken Your Heroic Essence:

morning DNA activation mediation

Get empowered with healing frequencies and subliminal messaging, 

and shape a day in alignment with your visions and goals. 

Tapped Into My Ultimate Power

"I cannot put into words what this process means to me. I feel like I've been reborn at the age of 40. I finally feel like I belong in my body - I found my voice, and the courage to use it. I express myself in ways I never dared to before. My instincts and intuition are so much sharper, it feels like my inner compass is working again.
Every session taught me something new about myself and my purpose, every day I'm shedding another layer, like I'm getting back to my true self. I am no longer bothered by so many of the things that used to scare and stop me before. I feel ALIVE and will forever be grateful. You are truly a Goddess, and your talents are beyond compare".
Sergey B. - Moscow, Russia
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