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It's your time to heal

and live with courage

Welcome to the sacred sanctuary. Break free from fear, self judgement and pain. Repaint your life with new colors.

I guide those courageous enough to try.

carolina breeze

I'm Carolina (Cary) Biryuk-Breeze

Healer, Guide, Podcaster, Motivational Speaker, and Coach

I'm a woman with a vision, dedicated to my mission of igniting the sacred fire in the hearts of women and men. I was born to awaken the leaders and heroes of the future. My spiritual insight has been with me since childhood, a time when I naturally connected with nature and the Source of our creation. 


My soul's calling is to revive forgotten values of courage and vigor in the hearts of humankind. In a world where fear of living is the greatest pandemic, I create sacred spaces of healing, designed to foster strength, and self-improvement, inspiring and rekindling the inner fire and divine nature of all people. Helping individuals break free from limiting beliefs and fixed mindsets, I guide them back into their inner wisdom, where they remember the truths and talents bestowed on them by the Divine from the very beginning of time. 


My specialization encompasses a range of holistic healing modalities, spanning from modern hypnotherapy and regression to ancient Shamanic breathing practices. I assist in overcoming emotional and ancestral wounds, empowering individuals, and restoring the inner radiance of the soul. Through transformational approaches, I offer people the opportunity to unlock their hidden potential and embrace a life brimming with joy, love, and abundance.

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Reawaken Your Inner Fire

If you're ready to embrace your inner wisdom, harness personal power, and live courageously, it's time to take the first steps towards your transformation. 

Embody the Hero's Spirit. Discover a life where challenges serve as catalysts for adventure, intuition, creativity, and profound growth.

Training Programs 

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Describe one of your services

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Shamanic Ceremonies

Shamanic Ceremonies

Free monthly mastermind - 1.5 hours of us, the heroe's of the future,

making a difference by sharing ideas and. Saturdays, 8pm est

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