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Каролина Бирюк-Бриз

Born in the picturesque landscapes of Georgia under the watchful gaze of the Caucasus Mountains, where guests are revered as heavenly gifts, I absorbed values that celebrated the Human Spirit and the bonds of community. As a child, my family name, 'Biryuk,' meaning 'lone wolf,' reflected my inclination for solitude. In those early years, I found solace in nature, naturally connecting with the Source and conversing with deities, initially dismissing them as products of my playful imagination. The Spirit of the Wolf, passed down through generations in my family line, became a steadfast companion on this spiritual journey.

In 1994, my family migrated to the Middle East, chasing dreams that soon turned into the unraveling of my parents' relationship. Caught in the crossfire of a loving father and an abusive mother, I navigated a dual life amid growing conflicts both in my homeland and within the walls of my home. This challenging journey exposed me intimately to the profound hurt and pain we inflict upon ourselves and others, driven by fear and unresolved trauma. Quite naturally, I mastered the art of maintaining peace, perfecting my surroundings, and becoming a beacon of inspiration for others during even the darkest times.

Wearing many hats over the years, I led diverse projects, from working on film and TV sets to being a producer, director, writer, researcher, fixer, herbalist, a business owner, and CEO. Yet, beneath this façade, I was a people-pleaser, concealing my struggles, and trapped in a cycle of survival rather than genuine living.

In 2017, a pivotal moment arrived when I decided to hone my God-given talents and embarked on a journey of self-exploration. Collaborating with bio-hackers, holistic coaches and industry leaders, I delved into the untapped potential of the mind. This transformative experience marked the true beginning of my life, shattering the illusions of endurance and survival, and opening the door to authentic growth and healing.

Carolina Breeze about me

The Path of Remembrance

Rediscovering Our Divine Human Particle

the biryuk

Throughout my life, my spiritual talent, inherited from my father's lineage of Slavic sages, has empowered me to lead hundreds of people into the light. Serving as a beacon not only for the underdogs but also for fierce leaders in the film and personal coaching industry, I've been the right hand and confidant to those whose teams I proudly became a part of. Leading my own teams with true vigor, I've successfully navigated the path of enlightenment and growth. This unique upbringing and connection to the spirit world continue to deeply influence my work today, where I carry forward the traditions of the Biryuks, incorporating ancient practices into my holistic healing modalities. I am dedicated to awakening the Heroic Spirit within women and men, fostering positive change for the betterment of our world.

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In the profound tapestry of existence, I've long recognized the immense power humanity possesses, bestowed upon us as creators on this wondrous Earth. However, the journey through life has revealed a dual reality - the universal need for love, hope, peace, and acknowledgment set against the relentless conditioning and programming that strips us of these human values from a tender age.

From our earliest years, we are subtly taught our insignificance and incapability unless blessed with financial privilege. The systems that surround us, driven by media and politics, push us away from our innate freedom, confining us to paradigms that prioritize control and suppression. Thus, we unwittingly transform from creators into mere consumers and servants in the modern societal structure.

In my pursuit of an alternative reality, I've tirelessly sought tools capable of illuminating and rekindling the Human Spirit. It's a quest rooted in the belief that within us lies the key to every challenge faced on this magnificent planet. Unveiling the staggering power of the subconscious mind, I discovered a beacon of hope, a pathway to forge a better tomorrow for ourselves and the generations to come. The transformative journey begins within, harnessing the incredible mind bestowed upon us - a tool designed to allow us to become the alchemists we were always meant to be. Amidst the fear of being unseen, unaccepted, and unloved, the greatest pandemic we face is the fear of living. It's time to break these chains and reclaim our role as creators of our destiny.

I am dedicated to guiding you through breaking free from the grip of fearful thoughts that breed unsettling emotions, leading to a challenging reality. Together, we will cultivate a profound transformation by nurturing empowering thoughts that blossom into a tapestry of positive feelings, enriching every aspect of your life. As William Wordsworth wisely said, "Your thoughts are the seeds. The harvest can either be flowers or weeds."

My life's mission is to sow the seed of courage in your heart, reviving forgotten values of courage and vigor, so you can conquer your wildest dreams with the confidence and enthusiasm of a true Alchemist.

My specialization encompasses various holistic healing methodologies, including hypnotherapy, regression, and ancient Shamanic breathing practices. These methods serve as vessels for healing emotional and ancestral wounds, empowering you, and restoring the inner radiance of your soul. Through these transformative approaches, I provide you the opportunity to unfold your hidden potential and craft a life filled with joy, love, and abundance.

carolina biryuk breeze

Awakened the Warrior Within

"I feel empowered. I connected to the source and found my meaning by rewriting generational trauma that's put me down most of my life. I found my voice and can now set the boundaries I always needed.
I am no longer a people pleaser, I learned to honor myself and put myself first, so I can serve others way better and truer than before. Thank you for helping me find my voice and courage to express myself truly and fully".
Andrey - Los Angeles, USA
Finding my power and purpose and dreaming BIG without any fear
Releasing people pleasing and chronic guilt
Overcoming the greatest fear of my life - fear of success
I used to live in fear and not believe in myself
Tapping back into my intuition to make tough decisions and realize who I truly am
I was stuck in a negative loop and a victims mindset before this
I no more struggle with lack of self confidence and low self esteem
Responding to an urgent request: take me out of a dark loop!
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