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  • Great Awakening - the Divine Feminine

    8 Week program
    • Gain profound clarity by releasing emotional blocks
    • Transform limiting beliefs into new, empowering values
    • Heal your inner child with core part work
    • Expand your consciousness and your intuition
    • Cultivate meaningful relationships
    • Experience abundance and self growth
    • Find your worth and release all that no longer serves you
    • Develop a growth mindset that will set you to success!
    • Tap into your power and develop brutal confidence
  • The Great Awakening - Divine Masculine

    8 Week program
    • Gain the clarity of mind necessary to asses your beliefs
    • Break through emotional barriers that keep you unfocused
    • Eliminate money blocks & break the glass ceiling
    • Develop a growth mindset & accept challenges with excitement
    • Gain the confidence & self worth of a legendary God
    • Become the hero of your own story & unleash your power
    • Quantum leap into abundance & success
    • Gain the resilience and discipline of a true warrior
  • Restorative Sleep

    8 Week program
    Valid for 2 months
    • I’m a benefit
    • I’m a benefit
    • I’m a benefit
    • I’m a benefit
  • Feminine Rise 1:1 training

    A coaching program for women ready to embrace and rise into their sacred feminine.
    • Feminine Rise
  • Hero Spirit Embodiment - Full Program

    8-week training program
    • Hero Spirit Embodiment Program
  • The Hero's Journey - single session

    For a slower-paced journey before you commit to the Odyssey
    • Hero Spirit Embodiment Program
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