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EmpireCraft Blueprint Program 

Coaching Business Foundation Made Easy

Embarking on the coaching journey is a thrilling adventure, infused with highs, lows, and diverse challenges. Drawing from my decade-long expertise in event and media production, along with my role as a social media expert, I've cultivated a skill set spanning photography, videography, graphic and web design, brand identity creation, market research, podcasting, and digital program development. As a public speaker, healer, and coach, I intimately understand the struggles and aspirations that shape your unique odyssey. It's with great excitement that I introduce this program forged from my own experiences to help you build the resilient foundation your coaching empire deserves.

Why EmpireCraft Blueprint?

In the tapestry of coaching, I've witnessed the common challenges we face—trying to find our niche, articulate our brand voice, and establish a clear mission. This fully customizable program is a response to those needs, an answer to the call for an automated, smoothly functioning foundation that caters to every facet of your coaching business. It's about crafting a legacy that works effortlessly while you dream.

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Program Overview

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Creating the Foundations

  • Customize your journey based on your current business landscape.

  • Unlock Growth Opportunities - Explore avenues like podcasts, live events, and digital programs.

  • Discover the platforms, programs, services and tools that align seamlessly with your unique needs.


Setting Your Systems / Back End

  • Simplify Your Coaching Process - Streamline tasks with automated systems.

  • Transform your web presence to mirror your mission and vision.

  • Embrace tools like Linktree, Calendly, Digital course platforms, and more for an optimized, automated business hub.

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Branding & Storytelling Mastery

  • Unearth your niche, target audience, and perfect avatar.

  • Dive into market research, graphic and web design, and powerful branding strategies.

  • Establish a cohesive visual identity across all platforms.

  • Craft compelling narratives that resonate with your audience. and amplify your distinctive voice.


Funnels & Affiliate Marketing

  • Master the art of creating impactful sales funnels.

  • Develop a strategy for freebies and digital products to pave your way to six-figure success.

  • Navigate the world of affiliate marketing tailored to your coaching services.

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Yearly Strategy

Take your organization skills to a whole new level. Create a quarterly roadmap, breaking down growth goals into achievable steps.

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The Heart of the Program

This program isn't just about systems and strategies; it's a holistic approach to your growth. We delve into the emotional and mental blocks coaches often encounter—fear of public speaking, imposter syndrome, lack of purpose and clarity. Together, we ignite the divine fire within your heart, reawakening your spirit to walk this path with confidence and joy.


This program is entirely customizable because I recognize that your journey is uniquely yours. Let's build the foundation of your empire together, so you can work smarter, not harder, and revel in the joy of creating content that resonates with your soul.

Hop on a 30-minute strategy call to assess your coaching business needs.

Let's Build Your Empire

From guiding at-risk youth to directing and producing TV and movie sets, and collaborating with industry leaders, my journey has been diverse. With over a decade of experience in the dynamic realms of media and event production, coupled with expertise as a social media specialist, I've cultivated a robust skill set. This includes proficiency in photography, videography, graphic and web design, comprehensive branding, market research, podcasting, and developing digital programs and courses. My strategic involvement spans event coordination for public appearances, conferences, workshops, and retreats.

For more than ten years, I've served as the main healer and confidant to personal coaches, motivational speakers, visionaries, politicians, and CEOs. My natural ability to empower and unite people has been a driving force in my journey. Successfully leading hundreds of individuals in various professional and communal projects, I've fostered abundance, unity, and growth in every endeavor. I am passionately committed to uplifting the next generations of leaders, and visionaries through purposeful programs. Let's get on a call and start building together.

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Tapped Into My Ultimate Power

"I cannot put into words what this process means to me. I feel like I've been reborn at the age of 40. I finally feel like I belong in my body - I found my voice, and the courage to use it. I express myself in ways I never dared to before. My instincts and intuition are so much sharper, it feels like my inner compass is working again.
Every session taught me something new about myself and my purpose, every day I'm shedding another layer, like I'm getting back to my true self. I am no longer bothered by so many of the things that used to scare and stop me before. I feel ALIVE and will forever be grateful. You are truly a Goddess, and your talents are beyond compare".
Sergey B. - Moscow, Russia
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