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Feeling under the weather?

Or maybe you want to help a loved one with a simple gestures that speaks volumes of care.

Golden Milk, or Masala Haldi Doodh, is an Elixir of health that originated in India, sworn for a millennia to be an epic immunity booster and my personal savior during cold winters.

Made within 5 minutes and infused with turmeric, it's been used to aid many ailments, including colds and coughs, inflammations, pains, and restlessness.

I've had my first Golden Milk in 2014, when I was exploring ways to naturally boost my immune system when struggling with an ongoing cough no doctor knew how to cure.

At that time, taking my first dive into the world of herbalism, I learned many recipes, but this has been my long time favorite, for its immediate healing and soothing affects.

Anytime I feel a sickness coming up, I take my small pot out and put these basic ingredients together to make this delicious yet amazingly potent beverage. I feel rejuvenated and ready for action within days if not the next morning, and pay my respect and deepest gratitude to a cup of Golden Milk, blessed with love.


Having turmeric as the base ingredient is what makes Golden Milk into such a powerful cure.

Turmeric was used in India since ancient times and carries some spiritual significance.

Same as ginger, the turmeric root is ground into the rich gold powder we know as the turmeric spice. It is known for its impressive list of biological benefits:

  • Decreased inflammation

  • Improvements in memory

  • Natural painkiller

  • Antioxidant

  • Potentially reduced risk of heart disease

  • And more...

The fun part about Golden Milk is how easily its made (beside the silky smooth and deliciously luxurious taste). You'll need these basic ingredients --


  1. 1 cup of milk (whole or plant-based)

  2. A big spoon of turmeric powder (or freshly ground root)

  3. A pinch of back ground pepper (do not skip!)

  4. A spoon of honey


  1. Add all the ingredients except the honey to a small pot on low to medium heat.

  2. Stir to prevent clumps until hot, but not boiling (look for the little bubbles).

  3. Turn off the heat, strain through a filter into your favorite mug.

  4. Add a spoon of honey.

There are many variations on how to make Golden Milk, but this is my favorite. To make it truly legendary and add new notes of flavor and boost this drink even more, add:

  • A Cinnamon Stick

  • A pinch of ground ginger

  • 3 whole cardamom pods

  • A spoon of coconut oil (if you chose to use plant-based milk)

Why's the black pepper there?!

Coupling turmeric with black pepper enhances the effects of turmeric and helps with its absorption. You won't feel the taste, but you will feel your immune system sigh in relief!

Why should I add coconut oil?

In these cold winter days, I always make sure to have these basic ingredients around the house, not only in case of the sniffles, but to warm my very existence in my daily tea rituals, while I reflect on my life with gratitude for all the gifts nature has to offer, as she holds all the cures in the world.

Will you be making Golden Milk? Share with me in the comments below!

Yours truly,


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