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The Power of Breath-work

2 years ago, I was at the most pivoting point in my life. I was about to leave everything I knew for a whole different country I'd never been to before. At that time, I was still overcoming my depression; years of abuse and fights in court, and my deteriorating passion for my demanding job left me burnt out and mainly heartbroken.

The one thought that kept repeating in my mind was "this is so unfair". When would I be happy? When does life without suffering begin? I was constantly on a search for a cure that'll help me "fix it". A natural problem-solver, I've been looking for tools to help me mend reality around me, without realizing I had to do some serious work on myself, first. So I decided to run. Leave my home, leave my country; escape into new opportunities far beyond the sea.

I was mourning the relationships I was about to lose when moving. And I mourned for those I never found the time to resolve. I was mad at my best friend for not being there for me as I expected, and at my father, for many reasons, I then found relevant and strong. My heart felt heavy, and I knew I couldn't leave like this - without any kind of reconciliation.

The first time I heard about a Rebirthing breathing technique, was back in 2020, after bathing in the northern rivers of Israel. I remember walking into the cold water with a prayer; "show me the way", I asked my creator. "I am lost and do not know what to do". And there I was, just hours later, receiving the answer. It caught me by the melody of the words chosen by the speaker. It was a simple conversation between friends when I suddenly heard:

"I came from the mountains, through the valleys, to bathe in the lakes that remind me who I am".

It immediately caught my attention, which was now resting on a friend of a friend who proceeded to talk about an amazing Water-Rebirthing experience he just came back from, feeling rejuvenated and inspired to live and love and laugh again. "It was like going back to the womb and seeing the beauty of it all", he said with a bewildered smile; "my heart needed that", he finished. I showered him with questions and signed myself up for a Rebirthing experience that very night.

I always had an open mind, so a few days later, I went to my group Rebirthing ritual excited about what I'm about to experience. At that point, I had done my share of research and couldn't wait to be there, journeying back to the womb, possibly before my soul has chosen my parents as the vessels of my upbringing. I was ready to be swept off my feet, but I was completely, and entirely, blown away by what had truly transpired that night.

And when you experience something this mind-shattering and eye-opening, you finally begin to realize the untapped potential of your mind. You go beyond the point of no return, where limiting beliefs and cynicism are crushed under the magic of the moment when you finally take a glimpse into what you could do with "simply breathing", what you could unlock. We are truly magnificent creatures, us humans. There is so much for us to learn.

The breathwork technique used in Rebirthing is called conscious energy breathing (CEB). Supervised by a breath-work instructor, we practiced “circular breathing” — quick, shallow breaths without any breaks between an inhale and an exhale for less than 90 minutes, releasing all sorts of accumulated traumas and ailments from our body into the ether, all while our bodies are twisting from a range of emotions, all of which are being washed with bliss I've never experienced before in my life.

Just to give you an idea of what this method has proven to heal, here's a partial list I thought I'd mention [click]

  • Releasing tension and anger.

  • Getting out of depression and frequent mood swings.

  • Releasing daily stress, tensions, and pressures.

  • Release from fears, anxieties, and severe traumas.

  • Releasing barriers that hold us back in various areas.

  • Finding one's life purpose and creating a general change.

  • Improving lack of self-confidence and self-love.

  • Releasing limiting beliefs.

  • Healing the inner child.

  • Releasing of accumulated negative emotions.

  • Healing sleep Disorders.

  • Releasing exhaustion, fatigue, and lack of energy.

  • Releasing guilt and self-criticism.

  • Releasing the problems related to birth and the fear before childbirth.

  • Healing of chronic mental and physical problems.

That night sent me on a whole new journey. I decided immediately to make breath work a part of my life. I have researched and explored many breathing techniques, ones you do daily and ones that are ritual-like in nature and go deeper into your mind, body, and soul, but I was still lacking the self-discipline to practice them more regularly.

When my life broke into pieces once again back in 2021, this time far away from home, when I was dealing with panic attacks (which were a new experience to me at the time) and trying to heal from a breakup and excruciating pain in my chest and womb, I remembered that breath-work has changed my life before, and wondered if it could do the same now, when I hit my rock bottom. I immediately started looking online, and found what has actually saved my life and changed the course of my destiny. Something that quite literally pulled me out and up from the pits of hell and showed me light where there was plenty of darkness:

Guided Breathwork Meditation for Healing and Transformation, by Bree Melanson, a Spiritual Channel, and Teacher.

I started breathing with Bree every day as soon as I opened my eyes in the morning, and let a new channel unfold within me. My heart started mending back together, new light washed my soul with rejuvenating power. Above all, I started feeling grateful for what I had and felt hopeful about the future. Day after day, my morning routine with Bree brought tears to my eyes for how blissful I felt after every session. I've been advocating for this breathing meditation since, as it was the first step I took into healing my very being during 2022 - the most transformational year of my life.

There's no doubt breath has a lot of power. It unlocks hidden channels within us and leads to so much clarity. It is the most natural healer of both body and soul, and I am always shocked by the fact that its incredible abilities and values aren't common knowledge taught in every school around the world.

I encourage you to dive deeper into the world of breathwork. You could start with Bree's breathing meditation or dive into Wim Hof's methods. The fact is, the world of breathwork is rich and plentiful and offers more than just simple solutions to many problems we in the 21st century suffer from. It goes to the root of your suffering and untwines and unravels any stuck emotions, energies, and ailments and quite literally transforms the lives of those who make it into a daily habit.

Last year I followed one of my callings and became a breathwork practitioner, as I felt an obligation to pass the knowledge forward, so anybody could access a hidden passage inward, one through which you know thyself and find the courage to embark on your life's journey. Breathwork could release you from the limiting beliefs that keep you from chasing your biggest dreams, and I'm here to share everything I know that might bring you one step close to the life of your dreams.

Want to learn more? On the next episode of Cary'd by the Breeze, I'll talk more about breathwork and will teach you a few methods that can within a few minutes of your day, regulate your nervous system so that you can live a stress-free, abundant life.

Also, I'm working on a special academy where you'll get to learn simple breathwork techniques that will:

  • Reduce stress responses,

  • Balance your mood,

  • Regulate sleep,

  • Improve your digestion,

  • and more;

Stay tuned!

Yours truly,


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